Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Remember the talking flowers in Alice in Wonderland??

Well Karl Lagerfeld, you've done it again! This Springs Chanel Couture Collection has inspired me to be a talking flower when I grow up. And I could really pull it off too, I just need to uhhh grow petals, leaves and a stem. Anyway, I love the sophisticated look. The tailored, well-fitting, black and white pieces make me want to go live in a dark, well-dressed city full of men in Prada suits. And the hats! OH MY GOODNESSSS!

So, here's my version. I know it's not exactly the same but I think I put my own flair into it. OH! And I'm sorry about the poor lighting, it was so windy out today the tripod kept blowing over!!

This is a close-up of the flower clip my mom conveniently had and let be borrow! Wellll, actually she doesn't know that she let me borrow it yet, but when she gets home from work I will inform her! Haha, but really she wont mind, the scarf I'm currently wearing is something I bought and she had for like the PAST 4 MONTHS!! Oh the woes of mother/daughter relationships.

flower clip: moms closet, scarf: moms closet, lace shirt: vintage, white pants: bullhead.

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